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Why Choose Morgan Clarke Properties?

With over a decade of experience we understand that letting your property can be a stressful and worrying process whether this is your first time or you are already experienced.

With this in mind Morgan Clarke work hard in providing you the best service with the right tenant for your property as hassle-free as possible.

Allowing Morgan Clarke to manage your property guarantees that your property in safe hands. We understand it is your most important asset, so we make sure we have you protected and covered in everything we do.

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All our fees are competitive. We have a choice of service levels to suit your personal needs and even have special packages for managing property portfolios. Get in touch to discuss our package options.


As we are a family run business, we consider you as part of the family when you come on board. As such you will be guaranteed our dedicated personal service - that is second to none.


All our prospective tenants are referenced and credit checked thoroughly for complete peace of mind. We may require a guarantor from time to time for complete protection.

Our Property Management & Letting Services

Let only Service

With the Morgan Clarke  ‘Letting Only Service’ this includes all the marketing of your property, as well as the carrying out of all the viewings 100% hassle-free. We have a rigorous vetting procedure for each prospective Tenant.

property managment walsall landlordsOnce we are all happy with a prospective tenant then we will prepare the tenancy agreement and make an inventory where needed.

The tenancy deposit and first month’s rent will be collected on your behalf and credited to you as the Landlord, minus our agreed fee.

From this point onwards the managing of the tenancy, the maintenance of the property and the rent collection will be the responsibility of the landlord.

This service is a good fit for many landlords, where others prefer our Full Managment Service.

Ask for details about our Letting Only Serice and Competitive Fees.

Full Management

The Morgan Clarke Properties ‘Full Management service‘ gives you full marketing of your property, the carrying out of all viewings and the pre-vetting of any and all prospective Tenants. Once we are happy with the vetting of a prospective tenant then we will prepare the tenancy agreement, and take an inventory where applicable. We will check the Tenant in against the inventory for full audit trail transparency from start to finish.

property management full management service walsall west midlandsDuring the tenancy Morgan Clarke will carry out routine inspection visits. If any of these highlight any maintenance issues, within the confines of the Management Agreement we will either arrange or recommend necessary repairs to be carried out.

We will collect and process the rental payments each month 100% hassle-free as part of the MCP Full Management Service. The collected rental balances will be automatically credited to your bank account promptly, as the Landlord.

Nearing the end of the tenancy, we will liaise with your Tenant, regarding renewing the tenancy agreement, or making arrangements to check them out whilst re-advertising the property to get it let out again quickly.

Our Full Management Service is popular with Landlords that do not live locally, or would prefer to not deal with Tenants directly, preferring an agent to deal with all aspects letting their property.

Full management packages are available to also include a rent guarantee service for long term peace of mind. Ask for more details about our specific packages and the main benefits of each option.

Morgan Clarke Fees

property management fees walsallMorgan Clarke Properties have a reputation for offering competitive fee structures and a truly personal service. We can offer special reductions on standard charges for multi-property portfolios. For more details simply give us a call or request a callback.

If you want to know more about our let only (Tenant find) fee and Full Managment fee simply get in touch.

3 Simple Steps

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Call us or Request a Callback using the form on this page and we will discuss your requirements.

2. Lettings

Let us market your property on a ‘Lettings Only’ or ‘Full Management’ package and we will get you the right tenants.

3. Rental Income

Sit back as we secure the right tenant so that you get your rental income balance deposited into your bank account.

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“No matter what circumstances you find yourself in Morgan Clarke Properties can help….”


Preparing your Property

The key to a hassle-free tenancy is a good relationship with the tenants. It is our job to ensure this relationship making sure your tenant feels comfortable in your rental property. A well presented and maintained property in good order gains more respect from tenants whilst achieving higher rental figures.


General Condition

Neat and tidy gardens, free of rubbish. We require tenants to maintain gardens to a reasonable level, with the provision of the necessary tools. Most tenants are not experienced gardeners. Ask us about our regular gardener visiting options. This is not for everyone but it is a very useful service.



At the start of a tenancy it is a must that the property is in a clean condition. At the end of the tenancy it is the tenants responsibility to leave the property in just as clean a condition. If they fail to do so we will arrange a cleaning team at their expense, so that the property is presentable for the next tenants.



It is of great help to leave relevant information for the tenant, such as the operation of the central heating system and the hot water. If an alarm is present it is essential to include information about this too. As refuse collection is carried out weekly it is wise to leave tenants the collections schedules as well.



The tenant should be provided a set of keys. If you opt for’Full Management’ where we manage the property for you, we will arrange to have duplicates made for ourselves.


Council tax & Utilities

Morgan Clarke will arrange for the transfer of the Council Tax and utility accounts over to your tenant. We will take meter readings so there is clarity of the point of transition and appropriate allocation of responsibilities. However, British Telecom require instructions from both the tenant and the landlord.


The Inventory

An inventory of contents and a schedule of the condition will be prepared by us so as to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes at the end of the tenancy. This is the only means to prove any loss, damage or deteriation of the contents of your property if it ever occurs. Ask us for more details.


Assured Short-hold Tenancy

In most cricumstances the tenancy will be an Assured Short-hold Tenancy. This is if the rent is under £100,000 per year and that the property is let to private individuals. The tenancy is usually for an initial fixed tern of either 6 or 12 months. As the initial fixed term expires the landlord can regain possession of the property as long as 2 months written notice is given.

Other Things to Consider

There are a number of things property owner (landlord) needs to make sure are in place before letting any property out – to make sure that you comply by the law.


If there is a mortgage on the property you intend to let out you must get the written permission of the mortgage lender to consent to letting. In this regard the lender may get back to you with a few additional clauses that we will need to add to the tenancy agreement. If you already have a 'Buy to let' mortgage this may of already be in hand.


If with your property you are a leaseholder you will need to check the terms of your lease. Where appropriate you may need to get written consent before letting.


For lettings you will need to make sure you are suitably covered under your buildings and contents insurance. If you do not inform your insurance company that you are letting out your property it may invalidate your insurance policy or policies. Ask us about our Lanlords Legal Protection, Landlords Contents and Buidlings and Rent Guarantee insurance policies if needed.

Legal Requirements - including health & safety

GAS – Annual Safety Check

Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 all gas appliances and flues in any rented property or accommodation must be checked for real safety at least once every 12 months by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. The gas appliances must be maintained in a safe condition at all times. The records for this must be kept for at least 2 years. A copy of the gas safety certificate must be given to each new tenant before their tenancy starts.

Ask us about our annual Gas Certification services.


Electrical Compliance

Relating to electrical installations, equipment and appliance safety there are a number of regulations. These regulations affect landlords and their agents in that they are ‘supplying in the course of business’. These regulations include the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994, the Plugs and Sockets Regulations 1994, the 2005 Building Regulation – ‘Part P, and British Standard BS1363 relating to plugs and sockets. Currently there is no legal requirement for an electrical safety certificate (unless you have a HMO)  it is widely acknowleged in the letting industry that the safest way to ensure safety, and avoid the risk of being accused of neglecting your ‘duty of care’, is to make sure that you arrange an inspection and certificate to keep your back covered for complete peace of mind for the long term.

Ask for details about our EIRC (electrical certificates).


When letting a property you must meet the minimum requirements for fire resistance standards, as set out in the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (ammended 1989 & 1993).


Thes regulations apply to beds, headboards, mattresses, sofa-beds, futons, upholstered furniture, garden furniture suitable for use in a dwelling, scatter cushions, pillows, non-original coveres for furniture and furniture in general. However, they do not apply to antique furniture or furniture made before 1950 and a few other certain items (ask for details). Non-compliant items need to be removed from the property forthwith before the tenancyt starts.

If you want to know more simply get in touch.


Properties built since 1992 will have had a mains powered smoke detector alarm(s) fitted from new. There is no legislation that requires alarms to be fitted in other ordinary tenanted properties (other than HMOs) as a duty of care it is generally considered that Landalords and their Agents could face liabilities should a fire cause injury or damage where smoke alarms are not fitted. So at Morgan Clarke we strongly recommend that a landlord fit at least one smoke alrm for each floor of the property, such as in the hall or landing.

If you want to know more simply get in touch.


An EPC is required for all tenanted properties in England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. As a Landlord you are required by law to provide a prospective tenant with an Energy Performance Certificate for their property. These certificates must be provided free either when (or before) any written information about the property is provided to prospective tenants or a viewing is conducted.

An EPCs is valid for 10 years.

If needed, we at Morgan Clarke can arrange for an EPC inspection upon request.

If you want to know more simply get in touch.


All deposits taken by a letting agent or landlord under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland must be protected by a tenancy deposit protection scheme.

To avoid any disputes going as far as court proceedings, each scheme is supported by an alternative dispute resolution service (ADR).

Landlords and letting agents have the option to choose between two types of scheme; a single custodial scheme and two insurance-based schemes.

If you want to know more simply get in touch.


Is your property on 3 or more levels and let out to 5 or more tenants that comprises of 2 or more households (i.e. not all of the same family)?

If so, then it will be subject to mandatory licensing by your local authority. Whether mandatory licensing as applies or not, if there are 3 or more tenants not all related in any property, it is still likely to be classed as an HMO, and because of such special Management rules will apply.

At Morgan Clarke we specialise in HMOs. If you have any questions – we will be happy to help.



The HHSRS provides an analysis of how hazardous a property is through assessment of 29 potential hazards found in housing. As a landlord you have to maintain your properties to provide a safe and healthy environment for tenants. The HHSRS is enforced by local authorities.


Disability Discrimination Act

The DDA 2005 addresses the limitations of current legislation by extending disabled people’s rights in respect of premises that are let or to be let, and commonhold premises. Managers of let premises and landlords and premises that are to let will be required to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people.

Get in touch to find out more details.

Overseas Landlords & Income Tax

If as a Landlord you reside within the UK, it is your responsibility to inform HM Revenue & Customs of the rental income you have received and pay any taxes due.

However, if you are a landlord that resides outside of the UK during the tenancy you will require an exemption certificate from Revenue & Customs before you can receive any rental balances without the deducation of taxes.

Get in touch to find out more details. When managing your property we can advise and assist with applying for such as exemption.

Get in touch we can help

1. Get in touch

Call us or Request a Callback using the form on this page and we will discuss your requirements.

2. Lettings

Let us market your property on a ‘Lettings Only’ or ‘Full Management’ package and we will get you the right tenants.

3. Rental Income

Sit back as we secure the right tenant so that you get your rental income balance deposited into your bank account.

house keys for tenant walsall lettings

Why our Property Management and Professional Property Letting services are 5 star rated

Those who are aiming to avoid the headaches of weekend maintenance calls and rental income/expenses management can handle this type of service to completely manage their property financial investment, enabling you as a property manager to consolidate your business and get some additional downtime too. Should a concern happen at your property, like a things breaking, taking a trip to the property to check it can become a trouble, especially if it remains in another town or city.

The property manager is their bottom line of contact, minimizing you of this problem. Due to them reviewing numerous applications, property managers can utilize their keen eye to select the finest of the lot; they have the ability to make note of any potential warnings when evaluating occupants’ paperwork.

Local Professional Property Letting

Routine collections of rent ensures on time rental payments. If renters are stopping working to pay their rent on time, the property manager will be understand the correct actions to take to resolve the situation, consisting of the issue of an eviction notification if deemed required. A quality property management service will work vigorous to keep their tenants delighted, and know how crucial it is to do so.

If an occupant enjoys with their point of contact and the service they offer, they are less likely to move somewhere else and might be open to affordable rent increases as well. Although property investment is a terrific for monthly money circulation and long term wealth, its daily management isn’t fit to every property owner.

Local Commercial Property Management

If you’re searching for more time and less tension, a property management service may be for you. Guarantee you take adequate time to and what they have to provide. It is a huge decision to make, as not every property management service will provide the exact same kind of service. haart’s Property Management Service is ideal for both skilled proprietors and those just starting out.

Rental property management is something that will always come into your mind as a property owner starting your property financial investment journey. Choosing whether to self-manage your rental property (or residential or commercial properties) or work with a property manager is one of lots of huge decisions you’ll face and questions you’ll ask. Basically, a property supervisor’s function is to bridge the gap in between you as a property owner and the occupants living in your residential or commercial properties.

Local Letting A Property

When aiming to work with a property supervisor, or use one within a lettings agency, you should look for: Someone who is organisedA great communicatorA calm and considerate personalityBecoming a property supervisor doesn’t constantly require you to have experience in the property sector. However you do need to be able to keep an excellent relationship with renters and have the ability to interact with them efficiently.

Organisation is key when you’re a property supervisor, as you’ll require to carry out regular inspections and keep up with guideline and legislation modifications, in addition to managing occupancy renewals and deposit returns or conflicts. Property management charges can vary for numerous factors. First of all, you may find differences between the fees charged by an estate or letting agent and an expert property management company.

Local Let Property Insurance

Lettings representatives will usually provide 3 basic tiers of property management: Renter find onlyRent collectionFull managementIn the case of occupant find, the agent will usually find you a renter, gather and lodge deposits with a deposit security scheme, undertake a stock and prepare a tenancy arrangement for a one-off set charge.

A complete management service sees a property manager take care of all elements of your rental property, consisting of lease collection and maintenance requirements. Complete management services normally see a property manager or agent take a portion of your regular monthly lease as payment, generally in between 10% and 20%. Property management agreements in between a landlord and property manager are not dissimilar to a tenancy arrangement between a proprietor and a tenant.

What are the costs Letting A Property?

Most significantly, it likewise makes clear the legal liabilities of both proprietor and property manager. Make no mistake, this contract is constantly needed if you’re working with somebody to manage your leasing properties. It’s a document that safeguards your interests while a spoken contract may look like less documents and less trouble, such a contract is rarely enforceable by law.

Obviously, it can be done. CJ Hole property supervisors typically care for hundreds of rental residential or commercial properties to a very high standard. But among the benefits of ending up being a portfolio proprietor is the liberty continuous rental earnings can give you. You may wish to offer up work and end up being a full-time property manager however if you’re handling dozens of your own rental properties, that’s a substantial need on your time.

Why our Property Management services are relied on

 Most reliable ways: Commercial Property ManagementUnknown but effective tricks – Let Property Insurance

If you’re intent on self-managing your leasing residential or commercial properties, you’ll immediately be a property manager. But how do you guarantee you’re a great one? Here’s our top-10 suggestions for being a good property managerIf you do this, you’ll automatically fall under an arranged, organized procedure that will help you be a much better property supervisor.

The greatest mistake a self-managing landlord can make is letting the incorrect occupant into their rental property. It can cause major problems, potential expulsions, court orders and lots of expense. So, getting tenant screening right at the start of the procedure is essential – letting a property. You do not need to be long-lasting friends with your renters, although some landlords do end up building incredible relationships with individuals in their rental homes.

What are the costs Professional Property Letting?

Being a property supervisor is about fairness fairness to the landlord and fairness to the occupant. So, as a landlord, you ought to likewise aim to be reasonable to yourself and your renter. Do not be lured to let rules slip. If you have actually stated no cigarette smoking in your rental property and your renter asks, do not change the rules simply due to the fact that you like them.

If you come across a problem you don’t have the experience to handle, ask someone who does. Whether it’s a great local lettings representative or someone with more experience in property management, there’s no pity in asking for help. In fact, stopping working to do so can frequently be even more pricey.

7 methods: Property Letting Agents

When you consider operating in the lettings market, it’s likely that the first function that enters your mind is a lettings arbitrator. Nevertheless, these arbitrators would not be able to do their jobs if it wasn’t for the crucial work of a property supervisor. You may not be too knowledgeable about exactly what property supervisors do, so let us assist you through what’s associated with property management, and why it may be the lettings profession for you.

Local Property Management5 methods: Let Property Insurance

This is a varied role; a job in property management can consist of anything from getting included with the pre-tenancy requirements to organising building upkeep and repairs. The property supervisor handle all tenant associated problems on behalf of the property owner and is seen as the first port of call for both celebrations.

7 methods: Professional Property Letting

Not only will a profession in property management ensure an extremely varied function with a lot of scope for development and growth, however the advantages are respectable too. Working weekends is incredibly uncommon within property management, and the flat standard income is generally greater than that of other roles within lettings, such as that of a lettings negotiator.

They are accountable for co-ordinating all administration connecting to developing repair work and upkeep work arranged by the property manager. They might be needed to liaise with contractors, organise for inventory clerks to participate in check in’s and have a look at’s, as well as upgrading systems, records and databases properly. Property supervisors are accountable for the physical management of the property throughout the regard to the tenancy arrangement.

Local Let Property Insurance

Not only will property supervisors require to maintain a positive relationship with renters, they will also need to be on great terms with property owners too. Working straight with the owner of the property, communication is crucial. Property Supervisors will generally have actually a designated portfolio of properties that they are accountable for, with the average number of residential or commercial properties within that portfolio being 100-150.

They require to ensure the property is kept in top condition at all times and will frequently be required to bring out property examinations regularly throughout the length of the tenancy. At the end of an occupancy they will be accountable for managing deposit releases, disputes and submitting cases for arbitration through the TDS if, and when required.

Lesser known ways: Property Management Companies

They frequently manage the other property supervisors in the team and assist them with any larger issues that might occur within their portfolios. They tend to take on other duties far from regular maintenance, including refurbishment projects or insurance claims. Senior property supervisors/ group leaders will generally be required to have ARLA credentials to guarantee they depend on date with existing legislation and compliance.

They ensure that all groups and individuals bring out reliable management and comply with compliance policies. They will be expected to continuously evaluate existing procedures to make sure the smooth running of the whole team and make ideas for the application of brand-new treatments within the department. They will work very carefully with Lettings Managers, Location Lettings Managers and Regional Partners to ensure personnel in front and back office departments are supplying the finest service for the both the renters and the property owners – property management walsall.

Local Commercial Property Management

Most importantly, you’ll need to be a fantastic communicator. Communication is integral to any role in property management, as the job is mainly based on intermediary between the proprietors and the tenants. You will require to have a calm, but company and assertive manner. The varied role and multiple obligations of a property manager likewise require a high level of organisation.

Why our Letting A Property services are 5 star rated Most reliable ways: Letting A Property

If you’re looking to take your next action, and are fascinating in property management, take a look at our existing jobs, or call us today.

Most reliable ways: Property Management

As a landlord, it is your obligation to guarantee the let property is safe and secure for your tenants, and when any issues develop, they will need to be managed and handled promptly. There are a number of continuous costs to consider when letting a property, consisting of: Letting agent costs, if appropriate Property maintenance and security requirements Earnings tax and capital gains tax (CGT) Property manager insurance Unpaid lease and space periods A few of these expenses are tax deductible including letting representative costs and proprietor insurance.

Being a landlord requires an investment of time along with financing. You will likewise require to be able to keep an organization relationship with the occupant. For instance, if lease is late, you might require to assert your legal rights. If you do not have the time to manage your rental property, appointing a letting representative may be the appropriate option.

Why our Commercial Property Management services are trusted

There are different levels of service offered. These are: Letting service – market the property, discover occupants, arrange referencing, negotiate and draw up the occupancy agreement, hold and secure the deposit, make stock appointments, process the rent Management service all of the above, plus everyday management of the property, as well as arranging security checks, paying property-related expenses, set up property gos to and recommending on deposit settlements You can discover more in our guide to selecting and appointing a letting agent, or contact us to discover more about KFH’s thorough and versatile property management service.

These include: The property must be suitabled for letting Authorization to let from any lender, insurance company or freeholder, ought to be acquired for every single rental property where appropriate Tenant deposits for AST should be correctly protected by a federal government approved occupancy deposit security scheme within 1 month of the occupant paying the amount A valid EPC must be readily available at the start of marketing the property showing an energy performance rating between A-E Each occupant must be supplied with a copy of a legitimate gas security record before the start of the occupancy The electrical system and devices need to be safe; for HMO residential or commercial properties a valid EICR is obligatory Fire security guidelines need to be fulfilled, consisting of the required smoke alarm or a hard-wired smoke detection system.

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